"Someone that I am is waiting For courage. The one that I want, the one I will become will catch me"   ~ Rufus Wainwright ~

Hi! I'm Elisa Transformational Catalyst and Life Illuminator dedicated to helping you find, speak and share your silenced truth - confidently and without apology.

I'ts time. Step out of the shadows. Trust the deeper you.

I know what it is like to be voiceless, to try to blend into the crowd. I know what it is like to hide from everyone's sight - especially your own.

I'm with you, you are not alone. What makes you powerful is your readiness to be seen, heard, accepted and understood for who you are, fully alive. You can and must move into the wholeness of your own brilliant self and life.

Imagine being listened to, given to and guided deeper. Through personal sessions and group circles, I will walk with you through the shadows. I want you to hear and heed your silenced wisdom.

Only through trust, openness and honesty can we begin to touch our dark places - and discover the strength, beauty, and hope that lies within.

Even the shadows can be luminous.

Doing the Inner Work - Together

We can't live fully without first opening up. Vulnerability has become a popular word, but what does it really mean? It doesn't signify weakness or a fatal flaw. It also doesn't mean you have to share your story with everyone.

Rather, vulnerability, in the words of Brene Brown is, "about showing up and being seen." It is our power to stop pretending to be perfect and strong, and start truly relating - alone and together.

I have a degree in social services, am a Certified Holistic Coach, and a Certified Speaking Circle Facilitator. In my work I pair vulnerability coaching with a reflective method I call "life illumination." Our time together will provide you with insight, energy, and tools to be more awake, healthy and free.

My Story

I am an island woman at heart. I was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in Jamaica, with its lushness, colonial discipline, and deep friendships. My mother and father married young. In those days, polio was a real and present threat. I was only three when my mother passed away from this crippling disease.

My extended family raised me. While in school, I tried so hard to fit in. I even changed my name; Elisa Antonia Negroni became Margaret Betty Martin. I also learned to hide the truth - my father was alive, but I didn't live with him. I felt unwanted, and didn't want anyone to judge or pity me.

From a young age I was the "strong one," yet I couldn't speak my own secret pain. I've always been drawn to helping others, especially people who feel unworthy or unloved. I studied psychology and social services. Over the years I have counselled and coached people with hidden wounds.

It has taken many years of hard, inner work to find the roots of my pain, shame and anger. Going even deeper, I discovered a root-bed of spirit, courage, and strength. This strength has nothing to do with pretending to be self-sufficient or self-denying. Rather, it is a daily, moment by moment choice to be real and kind, with oneself as much as with others.

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