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Your Path to Authentic Presence

Speaking Circles was founded by Lee Glickstein. Overcoming a lifetime of stage fright and a desire to help others break through their own fears, motivated him to develop Relational Presence, a simple but elegant approach to overcoming fears of being oneself in front of groups.

Speaking Circles is transformational. It is a unique way of communicating - personally and professionally.

Speaking Circles will help you: 

  • *Discover your own unique self and voice
  • *Trust in the not knowing
  • *Become comfortable with silence
  • *Express freely and authentically

  • *Deepen connection

Speaking Circles helped me overcome my fears and changed my life. This inspired me to become a Certified Speaking Circle Facilitator. I now offer a variety of workshops and accept Speaking engagements.

On December 5, 2017 I will be offering a introduction workshop on The Art of Authentic Presence from 5:30 - 7 pm in Chattanooga TN. Check out the details on the link below.


On January 13, 2018 I will offer a follow up to The Art of Authentic Presence - A Deeper Dive into the Art of Authentic Presence in Chattanooga TN, Check out the details on the link below


What people are saying!

"It gets you out of your head and into your heart quickly."


"Elisa's training is such a great combination of learning about yourself and discovering the ease of speaking."

Dez Stephens, Founder of Radiant Coaches Academy

"This training opens up parts of you that you didn't even know existed, and allows expansion."


"Elisa has a wonderful ease about her. She really engaged me with her presence."


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